Add ability to link to items with block references inside comments


there is this new feature where we can hide the block if text in preview mode. But after doing it is not possible to reference to for example heading or just block of text… The block becomes “invisible” an as well all references.

It will be really useful if we can reference object in this hidden text! There are many user cases. For example:

  • I want to refer from mermaid diagram to some extra block of text
  • this text should act as some added value to mermaid
  • but I don’t want this text to be visible

What do you mean with hidden block?

The syntax was added here:

I agree. This would be useful.

I think it is called comment syntax and is:

commented text

Or also:

%%commented text%%


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I also would like to be able to ctrl-click on a link that is inside a comment. Possible use case: I make my charts and graphs in excel. I put them in my markdown document by using screen capture of region in excel and pasting in markdown as png. In the comments I put a link to the excel file that I used to generate the image. If I need to edit it later, I can just follow the link, but I don’t want it to display in preview mode and it won’t.

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@cfjrb: You may already know this, but for internal links, Ctrl clicking within edit mode already works. You are talking links to files outside of vault, so if that currently doesn’t work, which I am unsure of, I agree. Your use case sounds helpful.

As a side note, tags inside comments are also functional.