Add ability to keep properties open after changing

Use case or problem

When clicking on different files while the pre-existing loaded file has open properties, it will close them down when returning back to it.

Proposed solution

Maybe a setting inside the properties core plugin to keep it open when changing files?

Current workaround (optional)

Reopen each time you go back to the file.

Related feature requests (optional)

Maybe not to make the properties tab feel like a generic header and give it a UI handle that feels unique to it? Honestly, it’s a cool feature but just doesn’t look the part…

I don’t understand this.

Let me give an example situation so the image hopefully becomes clearer.

In the files tap (the one on the left) you have two files: A and B. If I open up A, then click the properties button, they will slide to view, and I can edit my file’s properties.

Well, without re-clicking the properties button of A, if I clicked on file B, opened it, edited its properties or anything then came back, I would find that file A’s properties are now not in view anymore, and I need to click them again to view them.

In hindsight, this feels normal, but it mainly becomes a somewhat stumbling block when comparing or moving properties from one file to another… which I do semi-regularly. Having some option to change that behavior would be cool!

All the aforementioned explanation is for behavioral properties of the properties. Now for the second part of my request, which now that I look at, is somewhat rude in the way it approaches things.

The other thing is to just change the looks to be some button. Like yeah, it already is a button, but it feels very similar to a normal header. It would just be cool if it’s a rectangular button with its own UI and alignments. That is mostly up to the team if so desired.

Thanks for reading, hopefully, the request is now more clear.