Add a shortcut to iOS app for a New Note

Use case or problem

Need to be able to quickly create a new note/document on iOS

Proposed solution

Use of iOS long-press shortcuts to open up a new note in Obsidian

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

None I can find.


+1 to this. Would be really helpful to me as well when creating quick notes.

+1 to this

+1 to this. This is the main reason I still use Apple Notes sometimes, or try apps like Drafts or Quick Capture. Would be great to capture quick notes directly in our favourite app :blush:

If you are using iCloud to sync your vault, something like this can be done with iOS Shortcuts.

What I do is use a shortcut to type or dictate (separate shortcuts) to append text to an existing file (Quick in my iCloud vault. The shortcut doesn’t open the Obsidian app, it just provides an input box to type or dictate your note.

I like to have all my little snippets collected in a single note, for more convenient processing later. But I imagine you could set up a shortcut to create a new MD file for each entry you create.

This would be immensely useful. I’d also love something similar once I’m already in the all where I don’t need to think of a filename before creating a new blank page.

Heads-up: I’m working on this with Actions for Obsidian. macOS beta is currently ongoing, iOS beta will follow after the macOS version has been released.