Add a setting to automatically add a default width for photos

When I upload images, I notice by default the width is 100%, as wide as the editor viewport, and no width specified. I always add widths, most of the time the same width. Looking at the help page for images, you can add |### for an image width. What I’d like is a setting, maybe under editor, where when you insert an image, it adds that markdown for a default width, and you specify what width you want.


I think this is better handled by CSS, i.e., with a theme or CSS snippet.

Let me ask this though, do you think its not a lot to ask for the average, who doesn’t have any or much computer or programming skill, to write CSS? Even if you gave them CSS snippets to use, what would happen if an update broke them? I’ve heard this a lot in feature requests I’ve written here and elsewhere, its not a good solution for non tech-savvy people. Obsidian should be more accessible to people like that.

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This is not an invalid FR, but it’s a poor solution to the problem.

Finding a theme or snippet that adjusts all images is better than constantly inserting the [[image.jpg|100]] syntax.

A better solution might be adding a toggle/configuration option to Settings → Appearance to control the default image max-width or object-fit properties.

But still, none of these solutions are ideal. This is a problem with multiple possible answers that optimize for different things.

(Nonetheless, it’s still easier than trying to position an image in Word…)


I have found a plugin that can do that. It’s called Image Converter: obsidian://show-plugin?id=image-converter