Add a new right-click internal link option: Search for mentions (Quality of life improvement)


Currently, the quickest way to search for the exact match of a link is by first selecting the text and then by pressing CMD+Shift+F (or it’s alternatives in other OSs). This also works for any kind of text selected.

But if the page name (link name) is longer, this takes a bit more time to do.
For example, there could be files with a name such as: [[S- How I put my mind under version control]] and right-clicking in order to search for mentions vs selecting and then pressing a key combination would be faster.

So this feature request is towards a quality of life improvement.

This new option could live inside the recently added (v.0.9.12 version) file options menu and it could be named: “Search for mentions” (or something different):
Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 6.07.13 PM

Another plus of this, is that right-clicking on a file in the File Explorer would allow us to search for mentions of the file:

This action would then search for exact mentions of the page/link in the search menu/section.



current workaround/solution for links to existing files: Just open the link (in current or in new pane)(Alt+Enter or (Shift+)Ctrl+Click) and see “backlinks pane”. It shows also mentions for other aliases.