Add a indicator for current at the linked panes

When editing note side by side, sometime get confuse where is the current line in another panes.

It will be nice if there are some form of indicator exist for the current line in the linked panes.

example image for this suggestion.

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Can you please try this again with a real-life usecase?
Don’t think the mentioned behaviour shows up then…

If I understand the OP request, is it that you want the selected line in edit mode to also be highlighted in preview mode when the two panes are linked?

than you for your reply.

Here an usage example.
If I want insert an new image between 2 images.
If there an indicator exit, it is easier to find out the position in the edit panel.

Currently, I have to scroll the image to the top, then i will matches to the most top line with the linked edit panel.

Yes, It will be helpful if there some form of indicator, as long as it can tell where is the selected element current at in another panel.

It will be great if work bidirectional, but only editor to preview panel will be good enough.

but highlighting may not work well in none text element, highlighted images will make user harder to read the image.