Add a clear loading/syncing bar for Obsidian Sync

Use case or problem

I would like to have a sync/loading bar like iCloud syncing has. Right now using Obsidian sync it is possible to overwrite the old note if one doesn’t wait a certain amount of time for all notes to be synced to the latest version. But I don’t always know which note I edited and there is no visualization of syncing other than going in the settings and opening the sync log until it is fully synced.

Proposed solution

I would like to have a clear visual representation a splash screen or something where it locks me from edits until the remote vault is up to date.

Current workaround (optional)

On short notes (daily notes usually) where I know I had written something earlier in the day I just wait until it updates and adds the text.

In my experience when syncing the “same note” it doesn’t overwrite it combines them. (using obsidian sync).

What use case have you come across that overwrites a file? Have you gone to the Sync settings to see if you can reverse the changes to the file?

Just curious :slight_smile:

I had some incidences a couple of versions back, posted on the subreddit back then. I was able to recover everything, thanks god for the sync history feature. But I still think Obsidian Sync could use some polish. Differentiating between nonexistent embeds and nonsynced embeds would be nice (I am aware this is being worked on in v 1.5.3, I’m having some problems there as well), and a clear syncing state would be nice. Lately I’ve been opening the Obsidian app quite oftenly so I didn’t notice the loading bar because the syncing was probably done so fast that I didn’t notice. I will keep an eye on how it works on larger syncs.

There is defiantly a challenge with some plugins.

I’ve had issues with “Waypoint” because of how it functions. Going between mobile and desktop when they where out of sync, waypoint creates files if not there so this can confuse sync software for sure!

Some polish, extra UI around enabling/disabling it. Syncing is a tricky thing! Usually my changes ends up leading to 1000’s of files moving and added at a time so syncing takes long and can get stuck BUT luckily I’ve learned enough from plugins messing up things to avoid them or use them on smaller vaults until tested.

Good luck!