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What I’m trying to do

Use yaml (Properties) with templater code below.

Things I have tried

This brings up the popup " Parsing error, aborting. Check console for more information. "

I looked up Parsing error, but I do not know code, and I am sure there is a ton of code. Also, I looked at the documentation. Maybe I cannot use Yaml and templater together. I want to make my notes more consistent using the more easily searchable methods than just tags and links. Properties seems more useful than templater, but I do not see a way to force myself to use the same categories for searching later. I wish there were a properties templater.

Hi there,

The code is missing from your post but I can show you some Templater variants that are capable to print into the newly created files the properties you need.

Actually, it would be worthwhile to make more than one template depending on what realm that particular note would relate to. I have a different template for computer topics that are not going to be published online so there will be a publish: false property: value in the template used, etc.

For the record:

Properties: built-in Obsidian feature and the these properties with their values make up the frontmatter (also known as YAML block), that have this format:

someproperty: somevalue1
  - somevalue2
  - somevalue3

Templater is a third-party plugin one needs to install from the plugin store and set up so that it works the way we want to.

I can give you some links (threads) that you can read and investigate and then you can come back to pose further questions:

Our friend Alfonso is currently making a more user-friendly iteration of his multi template picker, of which 3 previous attempts were shared here: