I’m not sure how people will feel about this idea. I myself am not sure how I feel about it. But I thought it may be worth sharing anyway.

Video Game like achievements for Obsidian.
“Baby’s first note” for the creation of your first note
“Making Connections” Your first link
“100 Club” 100 notes
“The Mile High Club” when you reach 5280 notes

My argument against this;
From a design perspective it could incentivise people to create connections and notes at a higher than necessary rate. Leading to clutter inside vaults.

My argument for this;
If the goal of Obsidian is understood well by a user this plugin could be used as another tool to keep the work fun.
This is also the reason I chose to post this as a plugin idea and not a feature. It’s the type of thing that a specific type of user can seek out and not a default of the program.