Account in Obsidian

I am trying to add my Obsidian account details and it says Username or Password not correct. I double checked it a few times, and I logged back into the site with same credentials. I just upgraded account this morning, could that be the issue?


I also didn’t use the installer. Well, I used the installer initially, and created a portable version.


For the portable version, you are on your own.

Generally, regarding login problenms remember that

  1. the credentials for the forum are different from the credential on the main website and app

  2. email and password are case sensitive

I tried from installed version and no go. Let me confirm case. Thanks.


Hmm, yeah still no good. I am trying to apply account settings from installed version. I will try again after dinner.

if you have a password manager in the browser, I suggest to look at what exactly is stored by your password manager.

That was the first thing I tried. Assumed that maybe I remembered it wrong.


What is your problem, you can’t login in the app?

Are you able to get insider builds?
What is your app version and installer version?

The app runs fine, and updates. Current version is 0.10.9, and Installer Version is 0.9.22. The Account option under settings just won’t let me login. Does that only effect Insider builds? To be honest, it would be nice, but not really why I upgraded. I love the product and don’t mind supporting.


Let me uninstall and reinstall and see if that changes anything.


Can you download a more recent version of obsidian from the website?

Aside from checking the case sensitive of user name and password, another thing that comes to mind is:
Are you behind a firewall of some sort that may block obsidian requests?

Can you access download themes or third party plugins?

Sir, I owe you an apology. I started double checking the most obvious things. I was entering [email protected]#####. My account preferences have it as [email protected]#####. It logged me right in after trying it with lowercase; LOLOL. I appreciate the time and effort; I owe you one.