Accidental opening of Command Palette

Somehow, while typing, I frequently accidentally access the palette. If I’m typing steadily for many minutes, this happens about once every minute or two. Unfortunately I can never figure out exactly which keys I’ve hit (except that I can confidently say that I am NOT typing command-P, which I know is the relevant hotkey). Are there other shortcuts for accessing the palette that I don’t know of? (Command-P is the only one listed in my hotkeys section.) Or does anyone have another hypothesis for what could be causing the problem? Thanks!

Have you accidentally triggered Settings > Core plugins > Slash commands ? Then hitting the / would open the command palette at your typing point.


Nope, I haven’t activated the slash commands option.

I would try using the Sandbox or a new vault for ~20 minutes or so to see if you can trigger it there. Then you’ll know if the issue is isolated to only your main vault only or not. If you use the Sandbox, remember to copy anything you type out, as it resets when you close it.

More debug steps are here: troubleshooting guide

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Is there another plugin launching something that looks like the command palette?

For example, “Quick Switcher++: Open in Commands Mode”. There may be other similar ones, and they may be mapped to something.

Do you perhaps have any external snippet-like apps installed that might be triggering the hotkey through another hotkey or gesture? Espanso, Karabiner-Elements, Alfred, Breevy, Better Touch Tool, etc.

That’s all I can think of. +1 to ariehen’s advice.

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