Accessing System Files from Templater

Hello, I am having troubles from retrieving a filename from Templater using the user functions feature. This script works from the terminal but it stops working when I try running it from Obsidian using Templater. I would appreciate any help

Here is my code below

const fs = require("fs");
const path = require("path");
const journalPath = path.resolve("../Journal/");

function getLatestJournalEntry() {
    const files = [];
    fs.readdirSync(journalPath, { withFileTypes: true}).forEach(item => {
        if (item.isFile()) { files.push( }
    let lastEntry = files.slice(-1)[0];
    lastEntry = lastEntry === undefined ? "No Last Entry -_-" : path.parse(lastEntry).name;
    return lastEntry;

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