Accessing my Obsidian account

I downloaded an updated version of Windows but it did not download my Obsidian account so that now I cannot access my Obsidian notes.

What I’m trying to do

I want to get back into my Obsidian account so that I can access my notes.

Things I have tried

I have forgotten my password. When I try to log in I am told that an email has been sent to my email address to enable my password to be changed but I have not received an email.

Please note I am 73 and not tech. savvy and so I would be grateful for a simple explanation.

Many thanks.

If the update didn’t wipe all files from your computer, you may just need to reconnect them to Obsidian. Open the vault switcher (lower left side of app, looks like a safe), “Open folder as vault”, and select your vault folder. If you don’t remember its name, search your computer for the names of notes you remember.

If the files aren’t on your computer, an Obsidian account will only help if you are subscribed to Obsidian Sync. If you are, double check that you entered the correct email address, and check your spam folder. If that doesn’t help, email [email protected].

If your files aren’t on your computer and you don’t have an Obsidian Sync subscription, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Were the files stored in OneDrive or similar service like Dropbox? If so you should be able to recover them from there. Otherwise you can recover them from your backups. If you don’t have backups and nothing else has helped, you may be out of luck and should setup some backups ASAP to guard against future problems.

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Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I have followed your advice and have gotten the files from OneDrive. They are in Obsidian (31 files and 9 folders) but I still cannot open them in Obsidian? Any further advice.


I’m glad you found your files! Can yiu describe what you’ve done, and what the result was?

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