Accessing Existing Vault in iA writer folder with iOS Apps

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Accessing Existing Vault with iOS Apps

I have started using Obsidian on my Mac. I have my Vault folder on my iCloud Drive, within my iA Writer folder, so that I can easily save my iA folder files into my vault. (After fiddling the default extension to *.md)

So now I am trying to add the iOS app to my work flow. But I cannot find anywhere that allows me to point to my current vault folder in the iA Writer folder?

Must iOS Obsidian using iCloud only work within the Obsidian folder on iCloud?

Any solutions would be very much appreciated. TIA

Unfortunately, yes, the Obsidian app can only read files in iCloud Drive/Obsidian.

You can actually add these folders to iA Writer as Locations, however, so that may work for you.

Aww, that sucks. Thank you for your suggestion, I think that’s a good workaround. Cheers

posted a related Feature Request here


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