Accessibility issues with the online documentation

Online documentation at Home - Obsidian Help is impossible for me to read.

I’m on the ADHD spectrum and things on screen that move or change are very distracting to me to the point that I may not be able to complete a task because of it. The Obsidian online documentation has at least two pain points in that regard:

  • The “Interactive Graph” in the top right plays an animation for 2 to 4 seconds whenever I navigate within the documentation or open a new page from an external link (e.g. a search engine). This has an effect to me comparable to an animated ad in a web site’s side bar. Sites that have that are almost impossible for me to use (or use up a lot of energy to use) without an ad-blocker.

  • Hovering over a link shows a preview. I use the mouse pointer while reading to focus on the texted, moving the pointer along the paragraph or individual lines while reading, which helps me focus on the text. Whenever such a pop-up appears, it can be very distracting for me.

Is there any way to disable these two things?

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