[Absolute or Relative path] `Default location for new notes` should be ignored when creating files by following a link. The link itself should be used

I read your request. I agree that (while I do not use relative paths for new notes) the behavior of the “Click on non-existent note to Create” should be similar to that of a Cmd+o

If I were having to manually move all of my new bracket-link created notes to their respective folders, I would also be making this request. Perhaps a future vault of mine will need this.

There is a plugin called Consistent Attachments and Links that may solve this.

For some INEXPLICABLE reason the Obsidian team refuses to deal with folders as selectable and as context. I should be able to open a folder and have it the “current folder” and new nites should be there by default. That is pretty much a universal standard of behavior, but for some reason Obsidian team doesn’t support this.

Did they say they won’t do it? Or they just haven’t prioritized it yet?