About query in obsidian

Things I have tried

I have created 7 day’s dairy using a template, I entitled each dairy using week number and date like this :08(week_number)-2022-02-XX.md, in each dairy, I have a section called “idea”, under which have some lists,like below:

## idea
## other topic

What I’m trying to do

I want to show all this week’s ideas, so I make a query like this:

"- "section: (idea) path:08- 

but the result show all the "- "items, not only the ones under ##idea, please tell me where the problem is ,and show me the right way to do the search i wish to do .
Thanks a lot.

The text between the parentheses of section:() isn’t the name of the section you want to search in. It’s the search terms you want to match only if they’re in the same section.

So section:(animals plants) finds occurrences of “animals” and “plants” that appear together in the same section. It would match the first and second sections in the following example, but not the third:

## Likes

- Animals and plants.

## Undecided

Not sure how I feel about squishy animals.

Big plants intimidate me, but I don't know if I dislike them.

## Dislikes

- Loud animals.

So section:(ideas) is the same as just searching ideas.

I think section:(ideas "- ") should do what you want, but when I try it I still get unwanted results. They are different results from your search — the correct ones appear at the top, but then there is more after them.

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Thanks for your respond.
I’ve found a compromise way to do what I want. I tag each item under ## idea as #idea ,then search tag “idea” on sunday to show my ideas this week.
It can do what i want but i wander if there is a better way to do it, because it’s a little inconvenient to tag each items.
so if anyone who knows a better way ,please let me know.

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