About chinnese punctuation

What I’m trying to do

When I am using obsidian, I notice that it seems like some of the Chinese punctuation is in the weird place.

It seems like it can be typed, just in the wrong place.

for example, like comma
normally it is in the middle of the line, like this " ,"
but in obsidian, it is in the same place as the English, like this " , "

another example is the period,
in Chinese, its the same as comma, in the middle of the line, like this " 。 "

but in obsidian, it shows like this :
(actually I can’t even type it in this website, because in the website, the chinese version of period is in the right place, so i show it through the image. )


Things I have tried

I tried search for some key words like "custom punctuation "
but I didn’t find anything

and I’m not sure if it can be solved by using css
and not sure how to distinguish it when I type english too
because I don’t know programming
so the only thing I can do is tell chatgpt to write one for me
and of course, it didn’t work

so I want to ask is it possible to let chinese punctuation be in the right place?
through any plugin or css?

Hi. This is pretty simple. You have to set your region to Hong Kong etc in order to 。 U+3002 display correctly. I tested this on mac and in a sandbox vault, https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/change-language-region-settings-on-mac-intl163/mac

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