About bullet point & appearance

Things I have tried

I tried to find in both outline & outliner to fix my problem

What I’m trying to do

I can’t figure out how this guy in this video can make those straight line before bullet point in this video ?
Please help me

And this is mine:

i’ve tried everything to make bullet point in preview mode but i can’t create straight lines like those previous screenshot

I believe those lines denote tabs, but I don’t see how to make them show up. It does not appear to be one of the standard plugins.

It looks to me like the lines that appear when you go into settings, select the Outliner plugin, and toggle on “Improve the style of your lists”.

so, when I had used tab as indent in Editor bar with outliner theme, it’s worked but I do not seem it effective much cause I think it’s warning me like this:

I’ve found that It will change the bullet point theme therefore it doesn’t create those straight line… I have no idea with this case …

It looks like you’re inserting blank lines between sections, so they are being treated as multiple outlines, instead of one, continuous one.

Also, the warning about 5-spaces-tabs deals with the tab size, which can be found in the Editor section of settings. There’s a slider that should show you the spaces count for your tabs. I’m using a 4-space tab setting, which is probably the default, and I am not seeing errors.

got it, thank you so much <3

My pleasure! Happy outlining!

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