Ability to select text and convert it into an internal link

For example if I have some block of text that I’m reading and I realize that I have a brown fox note

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

I’d like to be able to highlight the text somehow and then select a note / search from a drop down menu

The quick [[Brown foxes|brown fox]] jumps over the lazy [[Canis lupus|dog]]

Currently I have to create the link separately then copy and paste or re-type the text.



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I would also really like to see this feature added. Useful for when reviewing over old notes and realizing there are some good link opportunities that exist now which didn’t back then.

+1 as well. I have the issue that I paste in quotes and within the quote I want to link to existing notes. Right now I have to manually enter square braces around the word / phrase and it’s really tedious.

I think I’ll put together a KM shortcut for this in the meantime

Continuing the discussion from Link workflow:

+1 to this. I was just complaining about the lack of this feature. The behavior when you choose the “internal link” command when text is selected is really unintuitive and unhelpful.

And here’s another feature request for the same thing: Auto-complete piped links

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I think the default assumption of a pipeless link is reasonable, but piped links should be easier. Maybe always pop up the autocomplete form (if you want the link to just be the text it’s easy to select) but add a switch to select which kind of link?

I don’t see why that’s necessary. Either the selected text already matches the title of an existing note, in which case no further action is needed, or it doesn’t, in which case you want a popup to find a note to link, and a pipe.