Ability to search headers and navigate to headers in a note

Use case or problem

For quickly navigating to a header, I find clicking the outline tab in the side panel and scrolling around the outline to find the desired header a little clunky.

Proposed solution

I propose a search feature similar to quick switcher, but it only searches for headers inside the currently open note. i.e. Pressing a keybind opens a quick switcher-esque search bar that shows a list of matching headers when you type a query that you can then navigate through and select an item from. This would allow for much quicker searching and navigation between headers.

Current workaround (optional)

Just using the basic in-note search function (Ctrl + F). This of course brings up other instances of the text you are searching for besides header titles.

This plugin supports this feature and more:

  • switching between headings in active note.
  • navgating to any note, any heading in any note.

GitHub - darlal/obsidian-switcher-plus: Enhanced Quick Switcher plugin for Obsidian.md

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