Ability to reorder lines or sections of a note by dragging

Would love a handle that allows for reordering of lines or paragraphs.

Could be to reorder an ordered list, or to reorder paragraphs.

Thinking of: Drafts & Notion


Currently Ctrl-Drag (windows) on highlighted text copies lines or paragraphs to a new location.

Since that’s working already, I wonder if it would be an easy feature addition for the devs to make Ctrl-Shift-Drag to reorder/move text as you describe.

I have line numbers enabled and it always makes me feel like I could just click/drag to reorder the lines in the file or to duplicate/cmd drag & link over to another file. I fear this may be one of the features of outliners which needs to “uniquely identify each block of text like outliners do” that was mentioned in the Discord FAQ.

However, the line numbers in the file give me hope that there’s at least something there that can be used to indicate/approximate a specific line number of text in a specific file. For things such as reordering & dragging, or possibly even narrower backlinks/embedding to line numbers.


I cannot agree more. In my line of work (and in my line of thinking) I am frequently making notes, and frequently needing to re-order them as new information comes in. As of this moment, the only way for to to re-order my lists is to go line-by-line to get them to where they need to be. :frowning:

And I think it’d be great if we could change/control the formatting list type (like in word). For example, instead of just:

  1. Thing
  2. Thing
    1. Sub Thing
    2. Sub Thing 2

We could go:

  1. Thing
  2. Thing
    • Subthing
    • Subthing

And instead of having to manually finagle this, we could set it as the defaulting option

+1 would also love to be able to move up / down a line with keyboard shortcuts too.

Update: I have put in a separate feature request to implement this via keyboard shortcuts:

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Another thing on this line of thought. I often use tab to make lists/bullets/intends, if a plugin could provide a setting to allow tab to auto add list formatting of your choice, such as * or - that’d make my flow much faster.

Great idea!

Here’s some ways we might implement this:
For lines: I like @Fovea 's idea of dragging the line numbers to reorder the lines.
For headings/sections: Ability to drag and drop headings from outline view to re-order blocks of text

My dream setup would be to have an all-in-one window like Drafts where there’s a single window where you can see your text split by block, line, or sentence and you can drag and drop any piece anywhere.

If Obsidian had that window from Drafts and added a sort menu to sort Alphabetically, Numerically, Chronologically, whatever, then I’d be in heaven.

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