Ability to rename plugins

Use case or problem

Love plugins. But with many plugins installed, navigating Obsidian settings can feel a little overwhelming. Is “checklist” for tasks? Or formatting? “LanguageTool Integration” is spell check. It’s tough to remember all these.

Proposed solution

Allow users to rename plugins or assign them display aliases

Current workaround (optional)

The plugin “command alias” partially solves this by creating an alias for the command palette. Doesn’t solve setting’s navigation issue, though.


My vote would go for the 2nd option of display aliases which I think is an excellent idea. I also imagine it would be a lot easier to implement. The ability to be able to specify a link to a specific page where you can keep notes about the plugin would also be useful. e.g. how to use it, hints & tips, MOC to page containing examples for the more complex ones etc.