Ability to fold lists and headings in hover preview

Use case or problem

Sometimes while working on notes with links and more often transclusions, I actually find it easier to use the Ctrl hover pop up preview as opposed to using side by side panes or toggling preview mode. This is partially because I don’t like the way the note gets scrolled after I have finished scrolling the embed, but this is besides the point and I am sure some day I will figure out how to embed without scrollbars.

While doing these hover previews, it currently shows the entire note or heading that is linked/embedded. It sometimes gets difficult to find what I am looking for, so I decide to just open the note and fold parts of the note facilitating easier navigation. But, it can become distracting to switch between techniques (hover previews/following links then navigating back). This feels especially unnecessary when you find yourself going to the same part of the note a few times in a row.

Proposed solution

If these hover previews had the option (toggle in settings) to be foldable, life would be a bit easier using this workflow. Especially if fold all and unfold all hotkeys worked and the folding state was saved.

Perhaps there could even be an option where the folding state in hover previews and the actual note itself could be two different saved folding states.

Related feature requests (optional)

Sorry, I found this request which is basically the same but they do differ some (use of hotkeys and separate saved fold states in my request): Ability to fold lists when hovering over link