Ability to extract/promote headings to pages whilst preserving the links

Use case or problem

A possible use case of heading reference is to link with precision to slightly different concepts (e.g. how a bacterium reacts to particular antibiotics) without having to divide such concepts in different truly atomic notes.

This has the benefit of grouping the backlinks under the same note, instead of dispersing them across a bigger group of little notes, thus enhancing the ability to spot and create connections.

Currently, the issue with it is that, if one of those initially small slightly different concepts grows to the point it needs to become a note on its own (as we learn about the topic etc.) or to be moved under a different note (because of organization purpouses), all the links to that heading will not be automatic updated to the new location.

Proposed solution

The “extract this heading” command should trigger auto-update of:

  1. the links to the header, and
  2. the links to every hierarchically inferior sub-heading currently under the heading we are running the command on,

as the “rename this heading” feature already does.


Note A has the heading # 1, and heading ## 1.1 under it
Note B has the link [[A#1]]
Note C has the link[[A#1.1]]

If heading 1 is extracted to a new note D

Note A is now empty
Note B has the link [[D#1]]
Note C has the link [[D#1.1]]
Note D has the heading # 1 and heading ## 1.1

Current workaround (optional)

I’m aware of no workaround but to manually fix every link to each heading and sub-heading.

Related feature requests (optional)


This Feature I find so extremely important and it is hard to believe that there seem to be so little people who have this concern.

Automatically updating backlinks to headers, after extracting them to new notes seems absolutely essential.

Otherwise the extraction Function is so dangerous to use as it can fuck up your whole link structure (which is THE Core Feature of obsidian after all).


Currently struggeling with the same problem. Would highly appreciate this feature!
Thanks for bringing it up!

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Same problem here!