Ability to encrypt text

There is now a plug-in to encrypt portions of a note within Obsidian. See it here: GitHub - meld-cp/obsidian-encrypt: Hide secrets in your Obsidian.md vault or in the Community Plugins: “Meld Encrypt”


This works great for me! Its nice that the decrypt part shows a popup and keeps the data encrypted.


What would be the best way to encrypt a vault?

I wrote a little Howto here:

Might give you some inspiration…
And obsidian has a service as well for end-2-end encryption which I personally also consider to use as soon as my vault gets more used.

Considering encrypting a single page or part of a page it could be consider an infile encryption like they are using with eYaml, example:

obsidian has a service as well for end-2-end encryption

Wait, really? How do I enable this?

It’s the Obsidian Sync service.

See Sync: Pricing - Obsidian

Does someone work with boxcryptor on android phone ? With markor for example ?

My impression was Boxcryptor couldn’t do what I needed on Android with Markor. Would be interested to learn otherwise, if you figure it out.

I would love to selectively encrypt files and folders as well in obsidian in order to encrypt some sensitive information (wouldn’t want to have my bank account number, SSN, etc out in the open)


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Yes, selective encryption would be a brilliant addition.


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Currently the vault is saved in plane text in the share folder. I understand, that this is nessesary to offer sync with third pary ( maybe even nessesary for your sync), however this gives all apps access to my partly very private notes. Which is unacceptible. At this point i cant use the mobile app with a good feeling.

Possible Fix / Feature:

Save the Vault in the Aplication storage, where it is protectet by android sandboxing. You can then safe an optional “backup” / sync dummy to the shared file system which can be used by external programs. To make this option usefull, this backup file should be encrypted by a user set password. Idealy in a file based manner, so that only changed files will be synct.

For the desktop app you could add the same feature.

Hi @Diamant please search the forum before making a new feature request. I’ve merged your request here.

I hope we can easily use password to encrypt any file to protect our private info ; the folder could be a good target to encrypt ;

  • Add password to folders
  • Lock and unlock folders
  • Change password of folders
  • Remove password of folders

The encrypt file in the disk could be a zip file , that could make it easy to edit without obsidian ,and also easy to implement in different systems.

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The interface example could be something like Onenote , that is enough for me .