Ability to effectively interconnect multiple Mermaid TD or LR diagrams

Use case or problem

Basically I am looking for the ability to effectively interconnect multiple Mermaid TD or LR diagrams. But really I guess it could also apply across other diagram types.

Proposed solution

If there were a technique that let you link from nodes in one diagram to nodes in another, it would really help when diagrams become too big to fit in a single diagram. There would still be the issue of viewing. Perhaps if parts could be collapsed, it would help. Or maybe if when clicking the link on a node that is within another diagram, it would temporarily open that diagram in a side pane with the cursor at that node. Or perhaps the diagram could begin showing parts of both diagrams simultaneously through excluding the least relevant nodes in the context of the link/links of nodes that occur in both diagrams.

I am aware that I can use Ctrl hover for previews, but this is not ideal. I am thinking there is probably a better solution that I am not thinking of that could be proposed here. Or maybe there is some other trick that I missed and is already possible. Iā€™d love to hear any ideas.


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