Ability to disable update checks for third-party plugins that the user has manually turned off

Additionally, it would be fantastic if it were possible to disable update checks for third-party plugins that the user has turned off. Most likely, these plugins are not currently needed, so their updates are not of interest. Currently, after each “Check for Plugin Updates”, it’s necessary to manually update the enabled plugins because the “Update All” button updates even the disabled plugins, and this leads to excessive traffic consumption for unnecessary things.

If you want to avoid unnecessary update checks for disabled plugins, you can remove such plugins completely. You can create file for potentially useful community plugins. I think temporary on/off community plugin toggle draws ideas from troubleshooting technical problems.

You should edit your message because I was trying to be helpful. You are not understanding that when you said “there’s no need to give silly advice like suggesting to delete plugins”. Saying exactly this is unnecessary when I was trying to be helpful.

Do you think a person who independently installed the plugin will somehow figure out on their own, without external assistance, that it can be uninstalled?! Well, it’s essentially a rhetorical question, but if you can answer it yourself, then you’ll understand why your “advice”, so to speak, is silly.

I by no means intended to offend you with that. I was simply stating a fact.

@MartinJDavis93 please review our Code of Conduct. I’m seeing multiple insulting, antagonistic posts from you.

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