Ability to customize graph-node body

Use case or problem

I’d like to be able to create graphs that not only serve the purpose of navigation but also could be immediately informative.

For instance - I’d like to have a graph from notes about data structures and in each node-graph a mini-table with operations of the data-structure and their time- and memory- complexities.

Proposed solution

  1. First problem that I see is to make graph-view be able to display rich-text at all. Currently Obsidian uses canvas-based graph-renderer and I recon it is unable to display rich-text in node-labels and also it makes it impossible to select node-label text. So here the solution would require switching graph-library to a one that would make it possible to display rich-text as a node-label or to one that makes possible to attach HTML-elements to in-canvas elements or display rich-text otherwise.

  2. Second problem that I see is how to select text for the label inside of documents. For that I see two options - either use the first paragraph or introduce a special “tag” which would make possible to surround certain text with special markers and so that would tell Obsidian to use the surrounded text as the node-label.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)

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There is already the possibility to display a Page Preview via the Page preview plugin. Just press CTRL and hover over the node in the graph to display a preview of the note. Perhaps that serves as a preliminary help.

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