Ability to click and arrange lines or blocks of text

This feature would function similarly to the Arrange feature in Drafts for macOS and iOS. The User would be able to click a button that would enable them to rearrange text. There could be 3 options on how the User could choose to sort their text by: Line, Sentence, or Block.

Sorting by Line would separate the written text by line number, to allow the User to rearrange the lines.

Sorting by Sentence would separate the written text by sentence, enabling the User to rearrange full sentences.

Sorting by Block would separate the written text by paragraphs, allowing the User to rearrange paragraphs of text.


Obsidian’s built-in outline plug-in lets you drag and drop sections.

@earlgreytwig Good idea! Agreed! Here’s a similar request Rearrange parts of note