Ability to change font in edit mode to aid editing

It would be nice if we had more control over font choice, at least in edit mode, without havng to develop an entire CSS format. I’m trying to solve two specific problems:

  1. I prefer a monospace font in edit mode so that when I’m editing something where column alignment matters, like a markdown table, things will be more readable while editing.

  2. There’s not a lot of visual difference between preview mode and edit mode. When I’m looking at a note that is really just text and isn’t expected to render fancy metadata, sometimes I don’t realize which mode I’m in. If edit and preview modes could be different fonts, this would become much more obvious.
    Thanks for your consideration.

Hello Obsidianians, is there an easy way to change the default font? I’d like to be able to use a mono-spaced font when I’m editing a note so that when I am, for example, working up a markdown table, the columns will appear more aligned while I’m editing it. This makes the source more readable while working with it. Ideally, edit mode would use a mono-space font, but preview mode would keep the nice default font. Thanks for the help!


I would even like to propose a simple GUI (in preferences) to change the most obvious CSS settings without fully making a differnt theme.

For example:

  • background color
  • text color
  • text font
  • text color for H1, H2, … H6
  • hyperlink color

I think most of the themes change only these settings and some padding maybe. I know some CSS but quit frankly to little to be making my own theme. But I would still like to change those settings to my preferred values.



Customizing Obsidian’s appearance is a little challenging currently.

I use the Minimal theme, which provides a plugin that allows you to customize fonts, among other things.

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As a new user, I’m generally happy with the default dark mode. I’m not a CSS wizard. Is the default built-in dark mode available as a CSS such that I could look into using that as a baseline and hopefully make a simple font tweak to use as a custom CSS?

Add change color on bold and italic text and I’m sold.

The reference post for how to do this: Meta Post - Common CSS Hacks

You can also support either of these two:

few thoughts: I am fine with both, requested way or setting it in CSS if official documentation/help (maybe also linked from settings) leads in required direction when searching for “font”. Settings menu might become to be huge over time. Default font could be set there but might confuse people when overridden by CSS snippets.

Maybe some “initial configuration” plugin could be created and linked from Obsidian’s download page.
It would

  • guide user (via ~ questionnaire) through most frequently requested initial customizations
  • produce necessary css snippets
  • and also show user where to change it in settings to familiarize him with UI and structure of .obsidian folder and other principles.
  • After finishing configuration, the plugin could be optionally trashed.

I did not browse plugin ideas if something like this exists. Feel free to evolve this and publish as a plugin-idea or a plugin.

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