Ability to add Comments to lines

Hi there,
Thanks to the Whole Obsidian team for The best app out there for Research purpose.
There is just one thing I would really love to have in the App. The ability to creates comments on lines. These could be like short notes we could create on lines that we could view later

Like the ones that are in Notion

Thanks Again.


This isn’t the same, but perhaps the Comments plugin could help in your scenario: GitHub - Darakah/obsidian-comments-plugin: Simple plugin to add inline comment tooltips as well as a side panel which lists the comments on the current active leaf.

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Thanks for the Suggestion @bobkitz,
I had tried the Comment Plugin Before but did not find it useful for what i wanted. I even tried to change its Coding to suit my needs but it is completely different from what I expect.

Thanks for the help though