![[abc.html]] Should Render Html Content like <iframe>

Use case or problem

![[abc.html]] Should Render Html Content like in <iframe>.


  1. While <iframes> works fine, <iframes> has issues with finding html files in Obsidian vaults. See attempts here: Allow to open local file - #55 by Yummy
  2. Because ![[abc.html]] is called an “embedding” and the html content should thus be rendered as is expected of an “embedding”

Proposed solution

Renderer logic:

  • Retrieve path of file in ![[abc.html]]. (This is already done in Obsidian and works fine)
  • Insert path of file p in <iframe src=p></iframe>. Insert this at the position where ![[abc.html]] should be rendered.
  • Done.

Current workaround (optional)

None/non-scalable workarounds. See attempts linked above.



I also need this to be fixed. Is Obsidian dev team working/considering this? A year has passed and I see no sign about it.

Just to know if I can expect it to be fixed or not.


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Adding my support for this feature.