A way to style unresolved links in Source Mode specifically

Use case or problem

Source Mode is my main mode. I need a way to see which links lead to still nonexistent notes, to decide if I want to create them while attempting to open one. However, while we can style these links in Reading and Live Preview mode, there is no class we can use to distinguish unresolved links from existing ones in the Source mode specifically.

There WAS such a feature, but it got missing. Applies to Default and Minimal themes.

Proposed solution

Add .is-unresolved class for corresponding spans in Source mode.

Current workaround (optional)

There is no other workaround rather than force oneself to use Reading and Live Preview modes.

Related feature requests (optional)

The latest non-closed request I found is this: A Setting to Fade Uncreated (unresolved) Links — and @CawlinTeffid offered to create a request like this — so I am doing this, since I found another I can upvote AND is not closed by ‘no-recent comments’ rule.

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