A template with modification logs

Hey guys! I’m very new here. So I want to do this:
I want to create a template which looks like this:

Title: Note title
Created: creation_date and time

\## sections
\## in the
\## note


Modification 1: date of modification
Modification 2: date of modification
Modification 3: date of modification
Modification n: date of modification

I can do everything except for the logs part. I want modification logs to be added automatically every time I modify the note. I noob here so please be patient with my amateur doubts. Thank you guys!

Resources worth checking out:

I didn’t find any thread that is akin to my request. Can you point me to the one you might have?

One can get a lot of ideas from others and make custom modifications.
The Template always have the same framework. Then you add your own custom lines.

First look for showcased templates where they paste new information in an existing note.

  • I might have already seen something in this very Help section earlier today.

I am, for now, using a work around but I should like it to be automated.

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