A Structure Generator Based on Variables


This Feature would be useful to create structures such as paging, user defined tables as well as diagrams adapted to the user. I had this idea because i use Obsidan as a notebook and before i start typing any page i manually create a structure to that page so i can simply insert the contents to the right place. But with this feature would be easier to do that so.


A good solution would be like this:

  • a prefix + structure name and then press tab-key to generate the defined structure.

    Eg:. %3xList —> After tab-key pressed


Then the user can just simply insert the elements to the list generated by the structure.

Creating Structures

To Create the structures, the user can create a file to define multiple structures to be generated. This structures can include Headers, Lists and all features included in Obsidian:

File → Structures
%3xList =

  1. \n
  2. \n
  3. \n

I think you can go along way already by combining Templates/Templater and Hotkeys for Templates (if I’m understanding ‘structures’ correctly?). Text Expander might serve your use case as well.