A settings to open all pages as either EDIT, PREVIEW, or REMEMBER

A user setting to open all pages as either EDIT, PREVIEW, or REMEMBER the chosen view from the last time the page was opened.

It would also be nice to have a whitelist field to tell Obsidian to alway open the listed pages as Edit or Preview regardless of the general setting.

And of course, make sure that New Pages always open in Edit mode regardless of general setting


+1 would absolutely like this feature to be added

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+1 I would love this too!

Whenever I open a page from the graph I always want preview and when I create a note I always want edit

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Iā€™m hoping some of this issue is resolved whenever the WYSIWYG editor is implemented

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+1 I need this :slight_smile:

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+ 1 I need this :slight_smile:
I have to scroll down to the position I edited every time after rendering the page.
I hope there is a new feature to remember the last time editing/reading location.

I know you can link panes, but I prefer to have a larger editing window and switch back and forth.
Also, a sublime text editor minimap will also help a lot. :smiley:

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+1 Preview should be the default