A Setting to Fade Uncreated (unresolved) Links

Continuing the discussion from Can No Longer Differentiate Created vs Uncreated Internal Links (v0.16.2):

Version 0.16 has made created and uncreated links look the same, so I can no longer look at a note and see which links are to pages that don’t yet exist.

I’d like a setting that makes differentiating those 2 link types easier (perhaps fading the uncreated link which is how it appeared in v0.15).

A CSS Snippet solution was provided in the thread linked above. I’ve set mine to match my obsidian accent colour and added a low opacity (which gives me back the v0.15 look), but that will require changing if I change the accent colour or general link colour etc).

Perhaps instead of a snippet, this could be incorporated into themes or appearance settings, where you could just toggle on a setting like: “fade uncreated links.”


I definitely want to be able to tell the 2 kinds of links apart and to be able to read both easily.

Having them be different colors as in the CSS fix would be fine, as long as they’re colors that work for colorblind people.

Another option is to use the same color for both but put a dashed underline on unresolved links.

Unresolved links are still missing any type of targeting in Source view. In Reader view and Live Edit view the .is-unresolved class gets added and can be targeted with CSS in the theme or snippet. In source view links get the exact same classes whether the file exists or not.

Since I spend almost all of my time in source mode this is a pretty big disappointment.

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You might want to make a new request specifically for Source mode.