A separate option for Outgoing Links in the core Page Preview plugin

Use case or problem

The core plugin Page Preview misses an option for the new Outgoing Links pane in 0.12.4.

Proposed solution

Please add that option!

Current workaround (optional)

Presently it seems to be tied to the Search and Backlinks option which is fine but I’d like to have normal hovering for backlinks and with modifier key for outlinks. Plus the option being here seems consistent with all the other ones which have links.

It is tied. We will adjust the wording but not the behaviour.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Is there a technical limitation which causes them to be tied or is it a design choice? If the latter, is it open for reconsideration/discussion since I’m positive some might need separate preferences for the separate panes.

The code is shared. We can keep the FR open and maybe reconsider in the future.

Alright thanks! I’ve updated the title for clarity so someone can choose to vote.