A search curiosity

When trying to find a way around Search for Tags not supporting auto complete, I tried searching on a word in the tag’ s full hierarchical path (not using ‘Tags:’), and that worked!

BUT! When I searched on two words (not using ‘Tags:’), both found in Tags on the note, Search would not find the page.

I find this odd, and wonder why it would work this way.

Without including examples, it’s hard to tell.

But when searching the full hierarchical path, you are likely finding an exact match as a string, so it finds it. It’s not searching the tag’s structure. It’s just matching the exact phrase as you typed it.

But when searching two words, and not finding it, you are likely experiencing what is being discussed in this thread, and the included links to similar discussions: Search documentation may be incorrect re: default AND - #4 by ariehen

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