A random quote from my notes in my today view?

Hi all,

I just moved to Obsidian and I am faling in love with the software.

I have made my own daily page template where it shows me the weather for today. I have a nice list of tasks I need need to do today. And all the way on the bottom I see a nice overview of the tasks I need to complete tomorrow.

But I really like to code something, but my coding skills are level 1 of 100.

I tried to use admonition and dataview to get it working, but I don’t know how.

I would like to add these quotes just on random places, whenever I think of them. So they are usually a random block in the current page I’m in. They are however defined as:

Here the quote id like to remember.

So they are easily recognizable. I just don’t know how to call them into a list and also how can I get a random one from that list?

Thanks so much!

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I like the idea - I recently came across my first dynamic website I built in 1998 and it showed random business quotes.

It seems dataview currently doesn’t support a random functions, see github

If you have all your quotes stored as “admonitions” you can use the smart random notes plugin, do a search for “ad-” and then click the “dice” icon to “open random note from search”

Thanks! That’s a pretty cool plugin.

Though, I’d like to only call a specific block, not a complete page.

And I’d also like to embed it in the page instead of opening a sidebar.

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