A quick(er) way to reference external documents in your notes

I store documents, pictures, ebooks, presentations, etc. on OneDrive and use Get-My.link to reference them in Obsidian. I prefer storing documents on OneDrive and embedding them in Obsidian using links, as with this approach I am able to edit embedded files even from my mobile devices. (I use the same Obsidian vault on 2 PCs and my Android phone)

I first created Get-My.link for my own personal use, and only recently decided to share it more widely. This is an early beta version - it is not so trivial to convert a hobby utility tool into a tested product… I hope some of you will find it useful.

I use Get-My.link to create the Markdown code to embed external links in my notes, such that I have a thumbnail image of the document and a private link with the full file-path and filename.

Give Get-My.link a try. I would welcome your feedback. Does it work for you? Do you find it useful?


i like the idea, i will give it a try … thanks for sharing.

Would this be easy to modify for Dropbox or Google Drive as well?

I first wanted the OneDrive version tested to see if there is tangible positive response. I have already started to look at Google Drive. Dropbox is the logical next after that. I haven’t yet checked how open and accessible iCloud would be.