A quesion about between backlink and page arrangement

Today , I am reading a book . I like reading book and at the same time, writting the notes down the obsdian. So I meet a phenomena.
When I finished first chapter. It support a lot of concepts and the relationship among these concepts. But when I move to chapter 2 , these concepts occur , repeatly. So I want to know should I arrange the contents from backlink to structural form. Otherwise , I only keep the backlink and don’t do anything? I’m a chinese student. Maybe I could show my backlink with picture as below.

Do you have any new idea with backlink? Thank you in advance.:

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I’m a bit confused. Can you please clarify? What do you mean specifically by “structural form?” I understand that it is a bit difficult to communicate here. But anyhow, can you explain this a bit thoroughly? From what I understand so far, your backlinks are getting a bit repetitive, and you want to do something about it.

Sorry if this doesn’t help.