A proper button for previous note

I know the shortcut cmd + alt + arrow but it seems strange to not have a quick mouse option. Even if people here seems more likely to stay on there keyboard my personal UX guess would be to always have both hotkey and mouse options easily accessible.


Navigating with mouse buttons works for me with the latest release. I also opened a broader request about mouse hotkeys.

@lazykid34 Do you mean assigning the command to a mouse button or having clickable button/icon displayed on the screen?

The first option belongs to request https://forum.obsidian.md/t/mouse-hotkeys/11013/2 (Which also describes current workaround / solution. More testing and feedback is welcome).

The second option (buttons on the screen) was implemented in https://forum.obsidian.md/t/obsidian-release-v0-8-13/5384

We’ve added buttons for navigating backward/forward on the top left of the app.

There is also a plugin to show history of recently active/opened notes: Recent Files List Plugin

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