A Problem In Regards To Using Query

I want to search for a word, but I want to make sure that words that overlap with other words that I don’t want to show up in the results and distract me. for example let say I am searching for the word “Iron” but words “Irony” and “environment” also get into the results.

I noticed that use simple boolean operators like"iron -irony "is not going to work and has a different meaning. I could use line:(…) style and hope that they are not in the same line/paragraph but there is still a chance for mistake, specially if the other word is more common. I also can use " iron " using spaces before and after it but I checked and that still misses a non-negligible amount of results. I wonder is there a standard way around this issue. I am sure there is a regex solution but I don’t have time to learn it from start right now. I must do t in the future tho.

Thanks in advanced

If you search for "Iron" with double quotes it will ONLY find the words “Iron” and “iron”. “Irony” and “environment” won’t get into the results.

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Thank you, I made a simple issue over complicated and was not able to see the obvious solution in front of me. I thought double quotes is only useful for combination of words for some reason

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