A plugin that syncs templates across notes

Sometimes I’d love to change templates and include or remove certain attributes under my YAML metadata. Or remove headings.

I don’t know if this is possible (or potentially destructive) but it would be nice if this could happen.

Current pain point: any one change I make, I need to manually change it or find some painfully exotic regex expression to find and replace.

Use case: being able to standardise templates and make them responsive templates.

Imagine being able to change it once, on a template, and modifying that exact same template on 100 other md files simultaneously… ah… sweet satisfaction :relieved:


Nice idea @syncretizm! I am adding this link to a relevant idea I had a while back: Append independent quasi-editable embeds without propagation to source

Hopefully your request gets some attention. It is a very powerful idea with many possibilities.


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