A note is not appearing as part of a group in the graph view, despite meeting the conditions of the group

Things I have tried

I tried to write my front matter in different way, the first one was:

Tags: tag1, tag2, tag3
  - Actor1
  - Actor2
  - Actor3

The second was

  - tag1
  - tag2
  - tag3
  - Author1
  - Author2
  - Author3

I have another note with the tags written in the same as the first one, but without the “Authors:” part:

Tags: tag1, tag2, tag3

In the graph view, I created a group with the condition tag:#tag1 and only the note without the “Authors:” part in the front matter appeared in the group’s color. If I remove this part in the note that does not appear with the group’s color, it then appears in the group which makes me think that the “Authors:” part is getting in the way of the tag filter for some reason.

What I’m trying to do

My goal is simply to make the note with the “Authors:” part, in the front matter, part of the group, without having to remove the “Authors:” part.

Thanks a lot for your help! I hope I was not too unclear…

YAML is so tricky! Nice job investigating!
I do not know the answer, but here are some additional things to investigate:

  • Does changing to lower-case tags: help at all with any of these cases?
  • Does using the [ ] syntax for single-line lists e.g. [tag1, tag2, tag3] or Authors: [Author1, Author2, Author3] change anything in your results?

Good luck!

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The first option did not work, neither did using the [ ] syntax for the tags, but using them for Authors: did work! Thank you so much for your help!!
Have a very nice summer :grin:

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For the record, I have no idea why that would have helped, but I’m glad it did! Maybe there was some issue with the number of spaces before the -s? YAML is confusing…

Supposedly both the single-line-inside-square-brackets and the multi-line-with-dashes versions of lists are valid YAML for Obsidian. I am partial to the single-line-inside-square-brackets version because I am usually on screens with more horizontal than vertical space.

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