A new users perspective

First and foremost, I want to congratulate the developers of this application and community, for nurturing such a welcoming and frictionless environment. Before even participating in any discussions, I’ve noticed that everyone here seems to be very intelligent and considerate in regards to each others thoughts.

Nowhere else have I experienced such a well designed forum layout. I will say that some of the colors can clash at times, like a violet background with black text…however, the UX is as elegant as it is minimalist; a true marriage of form and function. Topics load and transition so smoothly that I forget they’re being grabbed from an external server. All of the underlying engineering that creates this pleasant undulation between renderings, is absolutely a pleasure to behold.

Every part of this site, feels like it was designed with the utmost care…which is evidenced by how this community responds to itself, in its discussions, and even its disagreements.

As an outsider, I just wanted to let you know how inviting this place really seems and feels. If I were to have any questions or concerns, I would have no fear to voice them here. In fact, it’s the very reason I’m writing this post now.

This post is obviously unrelated to any category or tags, but I felt I had to express it regardless

Thank you for your hard work; I’m sure I’m not the only one that notices.


Thank you for providing your perspective! It’s lovely to know :heart:

The credit of the forum goes to Discourse. It’s what I wished what modern forum software would be!

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I had a feeling this might be a “spun up” instance of forum software, but this was definitely the right choice for your use-case. Thank you for the link too, I have a friend that might be interested in this.