A new system of organization (or navigation) similar to graph view

I recently encountered this app called, Kinnu, and I had the insight of having a similar structure of organization implemented within obsidian, as sort of alternative for graph view.

As I don’t really use graph view that often as I find it tedious to organize and mostly irrelevant (and I assume you all probably don’t either). Having something like this, where we can visualize the connection of different notes more visually and in a more “concrete” manner, can definitely help facilitate organization better.

I don’t have the ability to create a plugin such as this, but it would be great if someone could implement something like this.

You guys can probably do that in css, however I have a different idea, instead of being a passive “visualization” tool, we can make this one an “active tool”, by allowing us to introduce notes and folders, similar to Canvas.

Expanding on the folders idea, it would be great if you make it so that the folder is not literally inputted in the plugin instead all the files, it would be a neat shortcut instead of highlighting all notes. As we probably want more flexibility and distinctness in how we use this thing. The idea is to input all the notes within the folder and creating a sort of membrane (I don’t know how to call those walls of organization to categorize all notes encompassed), where we can label them ourselves.

What do you guys think?


I agree that this would be an amazing plugin. I do not use the graph view often because it’s messy and I don’t want to restructure everything just for the sake of having a coherent graph view.

This, though—this would be a great way to visualize connections.

Try the plugin Excalibrain. See if that meets some of your needs. Zsolt has done an amazing job making it “TheBrain” softward like. It would be nice to be able to create new notes via Excalibrain.

As much as I love Excalibrain (before Canvas) and Canvas, what I want is the niche of the ease of use and clear organization similar to the “gem” system Kinnu.

For me, I want you to imagine a click and drop where notes just lock in and connect with other “gems”. You kind of just put it there. No notes, no details, just the link or the blocks that redirect you to the notes, it is just there to provide a wide view whatever you are organizing.

Let’s say for two instances, (and let us apply SOLO taxonomy).

  • You have a completely new distinct topic, unable to be directly related to other external material. Until you reach a level of extended abstracted (or relational if you can), you will never be able to connect the ideas altogether to other external material, along with the implications of having a narrow mind or perspective due to how notes are structured in Obsidian (and how we will perceive them).
  • You have a new topic you can relate to a more general topic, let’s say its about Time Management, and you are learning about “the possible implications of using a time management system for someone who doesn’t have a structured life”. It might be nice to not immediately connect the idea, instead to have this sort of compartmentalized domain of knowledge where we have a clear understanding of the material.

I suppose there should be a new feature or QOL improvement to the development of this plugin like how you can connect two elements in Canvas. just wanted to point this out because its not explicitly said, and it would be a very nice thing in addition to the aforementioned

The possible benefits of this approach is: first, not as resource consuming or hard to process, like Excalidraw and Canvas (and going back, it’s easier to use), and I don’t have to deal with the details that come with the note. I come with the belief that notes should help the brain retrieve information, not spoon feed it with information, so you can further gain clarity on why I want something like this.

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