A maintainable second braind for someone with ADHD

Hi everyone,

I started learning Obsidian yesterday. However, having used a similarly flexible application for managing tasks & projects, I can offer the following advice.

The Path to your Dream Tool

You can turn Obsidian into your dream tool, but the trick is determining what form that will take. Think of this as a journey, pick a direction and head out. Over time, you can tweak and modify as you progress. Think continual improvement of your second brain, much like we all need to continually improve ourselves.

Where to Begin

If unsure of where to begin, then may I suggest looking at some of the existing workflows. From each, draw components that match your way of thinking. Then combine them together in your own unique way, tweaking as you go.

TIP: I would suggest not dumping a ton of knowledge into your vault at the start, but rather start small and play around with it. Have some fun! :partying_face:

Continual Improvement

Eventually, you will start seeing what works well and what doesn’t for yourself. At which point, you can start worrying more about content and less about form. Although never give up the spirit of continual improvement. You will not fail at anything in life, if you look at it as a journey and keep improving as you go. Every step is a learning experience, especially “failures” (it is not a failure if you learn from it :wink: )

Time for some more concrete help …

Good Starting Point

John Mavrick Tried Obsidian for a Week

Here is a YouTube video that I started with yesterday:

  • NOTE: John Mavrick has continued making video’s in regards to Obsidian

Useful Resources

The previous video was a fantastic starting point, that in turn led me to the following resources:

Easily Try Out Popular Workflows

Best place to start as you can download premade templates, for popular workflows to try out

More Great Obsidian Videos

Bryan Jenks, YouTube page has lots of great Obsidian videos and a ton of followers

  • Personal Knowledge Management playlist

Bryan Jenks Videos on Life With ADHD

Bryan also has hours of helpful advice on how he deals with his ADHD

  • ADHD playlist

Kudos to everyone involved in Obsidian. It seems that even the forum is based upon it. So even though I have yet to really start using it, I feel like I have already progressed by learning some Markdown for this post, along with using the preview pane.

Hey, this post turned out rather well. Think I will save it off as my very first note within my vault! :sunglasses: